Saturday, January 31, 2009

back at the Loft

This was the last place Lauren expected to be at the Loft. It was way past her bedtime on a school night. She supposed. Of course, she'd been out later with Laleh, but they were always at her house. Really, they hadn't been party animals in quite a while. As it was, she supposed that was over. What if she never saw Laleh again?

Well, there she was on Colin's arm at the Loft. Lauren didn't take that very well.

Naturally, Anita grabbed her by the arm even if she was a tad woozy from all the wine.

"Are you all right?" Lauren winced.

"Perhaps I need some help," she was wimping out as Theresa would say who'd already found some fool to buy her a drink.

"What is it?" Lauren wished she hadn't asked. She had to get her to the restroom before she threw up everywhere.

"I knew this wasn't a great idea," Lauren hugged herself while she waited for Anita upchucked the red wine. "God! Anita are you-" Lauren shook her head. "This is a very bad night. Horrible."

"No. no...don't say that," Anita went to wash her face. "I only did that so you wouldn't go running after Laleh." Anita's thick eyeliner ran then. Lauren helped her with a paper towel so she might look presentable once again.

"Sure you did," Lauren almost smiled. "Why couldn't we have just stayed in and watched a movie."

"That would have been brilliant." Anita nodded.

"When has Theresa ever done anything brilliant?" Lauren looked in Anita's bag then to get out her compact to help a bit with her make up.

"I know, but she's the only mate I've got." Anita told her.

"Are you daft? What about me?" Lauren smirked.

"It'll change once you fix it all up again with Laleh. She's all you need, isn't it?" Anita said.

"Look, I'm sorry I'm been such a miserable cow about all this. I shouldn't have just dropped all my mates when I hooked up with Laleh. It was wrong. I know that. I'll never do it again, I promise." Lauren nodded.

"Promise," Anita remained even lipped.

"Yeah, I do," Lauren said but Anita kept staring. "Promise." With that Lauren got Anita's stuff together. They were going home. "In fact, I never want to have anything to do with Laleh again. She's with that creep who's quite a prat. Perhaps they deserve each other."

Anita just nodded. They were going home. Hopefully.


Anonymous said...

hope laleh doesnt end up like

ellie said...

I'm glad she was there for Anita. I suppose Anita feels she's there for her too.

Cait said...

Its showing Lauren can be a real friend..and needs a real friend too.

Cate said...

You know that I really like the URL of Simon n' Josh: down at the dog. That sounds really awesome.

YAY! That's the spirit! Lauren doesn't need Laleh!

taffy. said...

lauren... she has this other side to her.