Tuesday, January 20, 2009

at the shop

Maxie was ecstatic. While he was out at the shops, he saw her. He couldn't believe it. It was Katy Fox.

Of course, she didn't look all that happy about anything, Usually, she was all smiles. He supposed Zak could have dumped her. Although, he thought it more fitting if it were the other way around. He never saw them exactly as a couple. Really.

Well, he figured he best not say anything because if she did remember him it would only be the bad stuff. Since his reputation of one of parties and taking it a step over the limit with the drugs and the alcohol and well, perhaps a little he didn't even recall nor wanted too.

So Maxie acted his best to ignore looking back at her as she was just in to pick up a few items. But of course, his bumbling self had to bump in to her.

"Fancy meeting you, aye?" She smiled just then as if perhaps he'd never been bad in his life. Had she forgotten who he was?

"Oh, its you, Katy," Maxie tried not to smile too much. She hadn't any idea she was the first face he'd met actually glad to see him, especially a lass. "What have you been up too?"

"Just in the village trying my best to avoid my brother." She shrugged.

"Really?" No one really ever knew for sure if Warren was on the up and up. "Where are you staying?"

"No where, actually."

"You don't say?" Positively, the most amazing news he'd heard in like forever. "Then come home with me. We'll talk about, um old times, perhaps, or new times. There are plenty of rooms where I'm staying. You could have your own."

"What would it cost me?" She looked interested.

"Nothing the first week," Maxie just smiled. "We could work something out."

"All right," she smiled.

"I've got loads to tell, you know." Maxie just smiled. "That is if you're interested."

"Does it involve a good hearty meal?"

"Why of course," Maxi picked up some potatoes then. There was always a good shepherd's pie to bank on.


Cate said...

About "at the edge" - I think Colin looks interesting. Sort of has an arrogant edge to him. And seriously I dislike Laleh. When she noticed that it was stupid pouting and pulling a face all the time I thought she had come to her senses, but then - the reason is that she'd get WRINKLES! OMG!

Maxie is probably my favourite character.

ellie said...

Finally, Maxie meets a girl..Yeah!

Cait said...

Hope Maxie doesn't blow this.

what we needed said...

Maxie and Katy. Nice.