Monday, January 19, 2009

at the edge

Laleh pouted all the way home. She wasn't so sure she wanted to make up with Lauren if she was this difficult. Couldn't she see what she'd been through with her brother. The last few weeks had been awful. He alone had made Christmas unbearable. She needed a vacation. Forget school. Greece would be nice. She so needed a change.

"I want to be alone!" She announce when she got home and saw Maxie doing absolutely nothing. She assumed. Laleh stomped up the stair with all her bags of goodies.

Lauren had apparently take a few thing on her little nasty argument with her. She had a good mind to call the cops on her. That would show her.

But then she looked at herself in the mirror and saw how stupid she looked to be so bitter. She'd get wrinkles this way. Honestly, she needed to pamper herself more. Was she actually always this awful?

Well, of course not. She was just in a bad mood. It would find a way to leave on its own. Possibly.

She drew her a bath then.

Honestly, everyone respected her at school. Didn't they?

But she'd been mean at school this week. She had no idea why they didn't remember how she could be. She just had to get this out of her system.

But what could she do? She looked her in cell phone for his number. She supposed Colin would have something to take the edge off. She supposed he'd remember where she lived. It had been ages since she'd contacted him. But she had to do something. Soon.

She undressed and got in the hot bubble bath. Her cell sat there at the edge of the bath. Laleh took in a sigh and then punched in Colin's number.


ellie said...

This Colin looks lethel.

Psyconym said...

Thanks for the comment, made me think. It has been a while since I updated that blog. I do have some drafts but I am tied up with the real world, which is a pain.



blue hearts said...

He might be scary..but who knows.

another.ellie said...

Like the new pics up. Cool. & Colin looks such a bad boy.