Thursday, December 18, 2008

sounding sweet

Lauren had been thinking what Ian had asked. Starting up the band again. It sounded sweet. It actually made her happy. Still, she couldn't be certain if this was the right time.

"Do you think he has other intentions?" Lauren wanted Laleh's advice.

"Like what? You think he'd try to get you back?" Laleh looked at her a bit peculiar as they were walking home after school in the cold.

"You don't think that do you?" Lauren stared back at Laleh as if maybe this was just a lost cause.

"I dunno." Laleh sighed and Lauren knew her brother was on her mind. She was on her way to the hospital as soon as she dropped off the books. "What do you think?" She pulled her hair behind one ear then the other. Lauren so wished her hair was as straight and just a beautiful. It made her want to forget everything and just snog on the way home.

"Is it what you want?" Laleh then reminded her. "You know, the band. If it'll make you happy, Lauren, go for it." Laleh smiled at her. Lauren smiled back and snagged her pinkie then as they walked along.

"I know what I'd really want if possible, but it isn't at the moment," Lauren eyed Laleh. "It could start with a kiss right here."

"You do surprise me," Laleh smiled back, "But then again, perhaps we're starting to think a like." Laleh leaned in then as they were on the steps of the brownstone. She got out her key and unlocked the door. She let them in and closed the door quickly behind them. They giggled then as Laleh put her arms around Lauren's neck and drew in a wonderful long kiss. Laleh nudged her forehead toward Lauren's then. "I'm not worried about Ian because I know you would always keep him in line." She smiled then and Lauren kissed her back.

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ellie said...

Lauren has to go for it.