Monday, December 1, 2008


Ian wasn't sure what had came over Kelsy. Perhaps it had something of Fletch being a no show. No one seemed to want him to know that Fletch was finished with them.

"How in the hell did that happen?" Some jam session this would be. They were missing a boy, weren't they?

"Maybe he couldn't take the fame," Kelsy lit a cigarette then blew smoke in his face.

"Oh, blow me, why don't you!" Ian scowled and turned away.

"OK, if you like, we have nothing else better to do," Kelsy twitched a bit as if she was on something.

"What have you been doing to yourself, lately, Kel?" Ian was miserable trying to keep it together.

"Having fun, what else?" Kelsy hugged herself as she enjoyed her cigarette.

It was giving Ian a headache as he watched.

"You have this way of ruining everything, don't you? People are expecting us to perform." His eyes lit then as pushed his electric guitar behind his back. "You don't give a fuck, now do you?"

"Just give me a moment, will you," She rubbed her nose then. Ian thought it just might fall off at this rate.

"I really hate what this has become, you taking over and then throwing it all away like this. Its you who have made us a muck! We are nothing now without Fletch! Why did you ever lead him on like that!"

"Shut it! All right!" She groaned.

Ian could see there was no point to carry this on. He left with his electric guitar.

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ellie said...

I feel bad what ian has to put up with with kelsy