Wednesday, December 24, 2008

its that time of year

It was Christmas and Ste was coming around. Sort of. Groggy, of course. Really, he wasn't much fun. Laleh would have more fun with a kitten and with Lauren with her family...she felt as if her better half was missing.

"Ste, its me, Laleh," She nudged him a little. She wanted to shake him, but she supposed that would have done more harm than good. "Its Christmas! You know, that yuletide glad tidings thing we like to have our spirits, too."

Nothing. Just barely a murmur.

"What?" She looked down at him. Perhaps he needed tending to. Or was he just looking at her boobs? She reached for her wrap and pulled it around her. Just her luck he was a loon now. "Speak up?"

"You're not my girlfriend, now are you?" He muttered and his eyes were almost shut tight as he thought about what he'd said so slowly. His words were barely coming together.

"NO!" This was insulting to Laleh, "I'm your sister and don't give any second thoughts to think anything else."

"Sorry." He seemed quite confused. Laleh called for a nurse then. She walked out of the room then. It was Christmas. She couldn't take this. All alone. She got on the cell with Maxie.

"Come quickly," she ordered. "Ste needs you now!" she said out in the hallways. Laleh wasn't going back in Ste's room. She could hardly stand to look at him this way. There was no way she could help him now. Someone needed to be with her, but not here.

She leaned against the wall then with the palms of her hands over eyes, sobbing.


Cait said...

poor, even more poor ste. but at least he's awake.

autumn said...

so that's what happened to Ste. o_O

Psyconym said...

Thanks, the bike ride was tough work, hopefully worth it! Thankyou for such a lovely message.

Good Luck for the New Year!


tc fan fic said...

Happy New Year! Happy Writing!

Lonnie said...

Happy new year..hope Ste will be for the better.

cady said...

Aww. I like this story.

Thanks for the comments. It's good to be back.