Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Laleh was none to pleased to find Simon still here and with stomach pains.

"What is he doing here? Still?" Laleh looked at Maxie wondering if he'd turned over new leave so suddenly. "Are you gay now?"

"No, he's not bothering you, now is he?" Maxie was lounging about on the couch, he had a shift at the Black Cat soon. They needed him for a double shift. "What are you doing around here, anyhow, haven't you got better things to do, like a brother to look after," Maxie snarled turning back to library book.

"When have you ever read?" Laleh wanted to know then. This was absurd to her. He wasn't usually a homebody. "What has Simon done to you?"


"Just get him home, will you?" She put her hands on her hips. She'd had enough.

"He's sick, you know. He can't be rushed," Maxie insisted.

"Enough! Just go and tell him he can't stay here," She was cross with him now acting as if he ran the place. She was ready to tell him to leave too, but then who would help her with Ste. She would definitely need help with Ste.

"Laleh, why so bitchy, aren't you getting enough of it with your girlfriend?" Maxie looked at her as if she was the problem not Simon nor him.

"For your information we are just dandy, more than dandy in fact, and I'm growing rather tired of seeing your face around, Maxie," Laleh growled back. "Now do as I say are you might be out the door too. Go take him home NOW!" She pointed to his bedroom then.

"OK, quit getting your panties in a wad, now will you. Just shut it," He pulled a face then and went off to fetch Simon.

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ellie said...

poor Simon..fun conversation though.