Thursday, November 20, 2008

a thin line

Maxie didn't know what Laleh wanted. This was nothing new. It had always been this way. How could he ever expect her to think he'd ever loved her because she was too much in love with herself to ever notice. He'd just as well have been her lap dog.

What could he do now, but sit on a cold hard bench waiting outside Ste's room. This was as it should be, he supposed. What more was there but to have this sort of world creep up on him to give him the to speak. And he had to be at the Black Cat by eight this evening. He did have a job. Back breaking as it was. He was sure the tips were lame. It was just an awful time to be unemployed and without money. He thought he just might go brain dead right now and join Ste. Now wouldn't that be a perfect ending. They'd never really been mates. Not quite rivals, either. He just knew to stay out of Ste's way and Ste had done the same for him.

Maxie looked up then and noticed Simon in the hall.

"What are you still doing here?" Maxie squinted as if he better stay the hell away from him, but instead Simon came over and sat next to him.

"My boyfriend needed to check on someone." Simon sighed and he leaned against the wall where they were sitting. He looked as if he was expecting this to take forever which Maxie was sure of it as well.

"Like what, he get someone pregnant?"

"Not quite. But she is. Might be Ste's baby." Simon shrugged.

"Isn't that delightful." Maxie looked away then at the window where the blinds were now drawn shut.

"So how is he?" Simon looked at Maxie then a bit dazed from all the hospital trance of sterile hallways and clinical lighting.

"Seems the surgery was a success. Now it'll just take time. I guess. Don't really know much," Maxie told him.

"Do any of us really know anything." Simon was quite profound yet ridiculous to Maxie.

"Why do you care so much?" Maxie wanted to know.

"I don't. He's a bit peculiar. We aren't actually friends, but he was hurt once and well, I just couldn't leave him, you know. I guess I should have, but he was so bad off. These kiddies had beat him to a pulp. Quite ridiculous. He was such a miserable sod, and I don't think it had really hit him how much he's well hated. I felt a little sorry for him because I think it hurt him worse to find that out than the actual wounds he was inflicted."

"I was never like that," Maxie he shook his head. "People liked me. " He was sure of it.

"No, they didn't." Simon begged to differ.

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autumn said...

i feel bad for Maxie to feel that way.

i just realized that Simon has yet to know that Amy's baby's not Ste's or isn't it? o_O