Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project Lauren

Ian found himself at Cecil's record stop, not looking for anything imparticular. He wasn't sure why he even stopped in. Well, maybe it was to ask Cecil if he'd heard from Sasha. A part of him hoped he had, yet a little of him hoped they were broken up for good. He wasn't sure why this excited him of the idea that perhaps she might find him interesting, but it was a happy thought in that empty head of his.

"Any word from Sash?" Ian finally got around to asking.

"I'm afraid its over. Not even sure she got the note I sent. I'm trying not to think about it, mate." Cecil was busy filing music stuff away behind the counter.


"I guess things are a right dandy these days, ain't they?" Cecil did his best to be his happy self.

"Um, yeah, I suppose," Ian wasn't so sure. Yet everyone was still asking when Kelsy and the boys would play again. Of course, Kelsy was keeping it a big secret. Not even Ian knew. "Sometimes, I wonder if its the right thing. You know, should I even be with this band."

"Its your band, mate." Cecil informed him. "And you better be making a stop here before the holidays set in."

"Right, I'll get on it." Ian nodded.

"I suppose.. if... you know, you could have another project going. Say that Lauren lass, she has such an amazing voice. Just the two of you, you know." Cecil then offered.

"That's not going to happen," Ian shook his head. "We don't see eye to eye much, on anything these days."

"I thought with a break and all, she might come around."

"No." Ian picked up some drumsticks then. Why on earth would he need them? He thought of Lauren. He bought them. Ian couldn't help himself. Maybe Cecil had a good idea. Project Lauren.

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autumn said...

dandy. i like that word. lol.

poor Cecil, btw.