Friday, November 14, 2008

nothing lost

Maxie finally arrived at the hospital with a bag of goodies for Laleh.

"About time, Maxie," Laleh snapped. She was going to get changed or else.

"Its you, what are you doing back," Simon pointed a finger at Maxie.

"Well, a fine how do you do, too," Maxie smirked. "I don't know that I know you." Max was pretty sure he'd remember a blond dude practically towering over him.

"You were never nice to me," Simon winced. "You told things so untrue about me at school."

"Like what?" Maxie was in a bit of a fog back then.

"Something about turds, I recall, as if I'd eat them for my lunch."

"Aw, it was just a laugh, you had no reputation, I take it," Maxie chuckled. "Sorry, I was a bit of a pill popper back then, now wasn't I? A lot I don't remember. And you are?"

"Simon Bean."

"Better hope you take your bride's name some day. Really is a God awful surname." Maxie gave him a bit of a scowl.

"You had all the friends."

"Well, do you see them surrounding me now?" Maxie looked at him wide eyed. "Tell me, Simon Bean, what do you do now?"

"Library work."

"Pitty." Maxie frowned. "We'ren't you suppose to go into philosphy of some kind."

"What might you be into? I doubt a starving artist."

"You got the starving part right," Maxie shrugged. "I start tending bar at the Black Cat tonight. That is if that bitchy brat lets me alone to do it."

"You're with Laleh?"

"For the moment." Maxie frowned. "Visiting, actually. But who knows, the village might decide to throw me out if I don't mind my P's and Q's."

Simon just kept his arms crossed. Maxie had a feeling he wouldn't be making friends with him, anytime soon.


ellie said...

That's funny about simon's last name.

cats n curses said...

Maxie was a bully. No wonder he doesnt' have that many friends.

gossip guy said...

Still getting a kick out of simon's last name.

autumn said...

i noticed as well, Maxie's a bully. hahaha.