Thursday, November 20, 2008

love, no

Lauren was on her way to the hospital to be with Laleh. It must have been awful the way Laleh sounded, but then again she knew Laleh had never had to wait on anything in her world. Everyone always waited on Laleh. So she was taking her time getting ready. She'd loaded up her MP3 player with more tunes just in case they'd have something to listen to during the boredom. No telling how long they'd be camping out at the hospital, but before she could get out the door Ian was waiting for her downstairs.

Naturally, her dad was so thrilled to see him and making over Ian as if he was his long lost son.

"Guess who's here?" Her father sang. It just made Lauren sick to her stomach that her Dad would think she was still with Ian.

"Dad!" She so badly wanted him to shut it, but she bit her tongue. Ian was polite enough to give her barely a kiss on the cheek, just for show she guessed that things were never better between them.

After they got out on the steps, she asked him insultingly, "What do you want?"

"Nothing, really." But he walked with her as if he was going where ever she was going. He was quiet for the longest time til they got to the bus stop. "I just thought, you'd like to give it another try."

"Give what a try?" She snapped. "You know we are over, I've moved on. You should too."

"Yes. Of course." He nodded trying to keep his cool. "I mean the music." Ian's hands were in his back pockets. The bus was coming, he wouldn't stay much longer. "Just think about it. The two of us. We could make it work. I really think we could." Ian didn't wait for answer.

Suddenly, Lauren felt sad. She thought she might cry. What was he trying to do to her?


ellie's kyle said...

I do think ian is sweet.

Psyconym said...

Nice build up , will look froward to the next installment. ;-0


ivy fan fic said...

Hope she won't be mean to ian.