Wednesday, November 26, 2008

gather around

Finally, it was a settling a bit at the Black Cat. Maxie was hoped it wouldn't have been such a party atmosphere because he hated it so not to be within the mix instead of behind the bar.

He'd seen Kelsy flirt with anything that would pass her way. It was sickening to see so many find her so fascinating, and not once had she given him the time of day. Well, he wouldn't either. It was good to see her go. She went off with someone in leather. A party somewhere. Something about a bond fire going. As drunk as she was, he just hoped she didn't fall in it, Yet, he knew it would do no good to mention it to her.

So just the sorry bunch was left, such stragglers needing one more drink. Maxie wished they closed earlier, but as it was, it was in the wee morning hours.

Just then he noticed Simon back which was strange.

"Weren't you just here?" He gave Simon a coffee to help the chill instead of lager.

"Yes." He was more than just cold. He looked as if it had cloaked him with something mysterious.

"Is anything the matter?" Maxie wondered.

"I dunno." He muttered as if something was on his mind.

"Did you and Josh have a row?"

"Not yet."

"What did you do?" Maxie looked at him as he went to put more glasses in the dishwasher. It was empty in the pub now.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Then why aren't you home." Maxie coaxed. "Something is wrong if you're back here."

"I don't know what to do." Simon told him with his hands in his coat pockets.

"You should talk about it."

"I can't. Not with Josh. I don't even know how to explain it." Simon winced.

"Well, you can explain it to me on the way home, just give me a second." Maxie dumped his cup of coffee, thinking he was glad Simon hadn't had any, it was cold and more or less the drags of the night. He grabbed his coat then and turned off the bar lights. "Well, come on." He locked up after they got outside.

They walked a ways as if the night air might do them both some good.

"What were you doing with Craig?" Maxie didn't waste too much time cutting to the chase. He knew what this was about. "Isn't he too posh for your liking?"

"I'd hardly say-"

"Oh, he thinks he's posh all right. He always has. Thought he was better than the rest. I can hardly stand him gay not gay. He's a posh bastard and he'd got nothing. Nothing man, don't even know how he survives." Maxie bickered as they walked on the next few blocks about Craig.

"He's not that awful." Simon told him.

"You say that now, but he goes back and forth on his word. Can't decide if he's straight or not. You can't let him ruin you, man." Maxie told him.

"I don't want to like him, I don't." Simon shook his head.

"So he shagged you in the loo?" Maxie concluded.

"No, it wasn't like that." Simon scowled.

"Just a snog then, that it? Well, how mad could Josh get over that. You two were at some sort of disagreement, weren't you?" They were at Laleh's now and Maxie let them in. He turned on lights in the livingroom and got the kettle going.

"Yes. Sort of. I doubt Josh even knew I was so bitter." Simon said so slowly Maxie was ready to yank them out of his mouth.

"Call him," Maxie insisted then.

"And say what?" Simon looked even more confused in the light.

"Just say something came up and you saw an old friend and..and tell him you're just staying over because you had too much to drink," Maxie liked that story.

"But he knows all my friends."

"Even me?"

"He knows you're not my friend."

"Well, tell him you had some old enemy to reckon with then. Just something. Don't leave him hanging." Maxie heard the tea kettle going then and went to make tea.

"I can't think." Simon winced.

"You are a blithering idiot. Just imagine how you'd be if Craig had actually shagged you." Maxie just laughed from the kitchen.


ellie said...

Simon & oil and vinegar. Huh?

dk;dc said...

oh..what would Josh think?

blue hearts said...

very interesting..these two who were never frieinds.

Lonnie said...

Maxie & Simon. hummmmmmmm....