Saturday, November 8, 2008

early morning call

Maxie was in a deep sleep. All this running around with Laleh had got to him. He didn't even know which room he could take at her place. There were so many, but he wasn't exactly sure if he could just do that. He hadn't even unpacked his stuff. He'd fallen asleep on the sofa in the sitting room.

His cell went off like an alarm. It startled him. When he opened his eyes and looked about at the black floral pattern with the white background on the walls, he forgot where he was.

"HUH". He sat up, cleared his throat and took the call.

"What?" It was past two in the morning. Who had found him now?

"Listen, Maxie, can you come and be with me," it was Laleh.

"What the fuck for?" He squinted. "Where's that bloody girlfriend of yours?"

"She has school. Ste's in surgery. He was hit by a bus, earlier."

"Are they giving him a brain transplant?" Maxie scowled.

"Shut it," Laleh wasn't in a joking mood. "If you could bring me perhaps some fresh clothes or something."

"No. Not right now." Maxie shook his head with a sigh looking about the place.

"But I need you," she told him. "Who's going to help me take care of Ste?"

"Bloody, if I know." Maxie didn't want to get involved in this. "What are you asking?" Did she have a salary of some kind in mind. "Look, I'm going to the Black Cat early, to see if I can do something there, as it is."

"Oh, Maxie, just get me something and take a taxie, will you."

"Must I?"

"Yes, you're all I have." She told him. "So do it."

"All right." He doubt he could get it right. All he ever wanted was to be Laleh's personal assistant. Not.

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autumn said...

Laleh sounds so sweet to a guy who sounds like a bad guy. lol.