Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a bit tedious

Laleh was really beginning to feel ripe in Lauren's outfit. She checked her watch it was almost mid morning. No Maxie. She was ready to kick something. That's when she collied right into Simon's chest.

"Sorry." She moved to the side but he grabbed her shoulder.

"What happened?" He looked at seriously.

"Its Ste," she cringed. "He's been in an accident."

"An accident?" Simon squinted. "Is he all right."

"I'm not sure, they won't say." She was about to cry. Simon embraced her then and she let go everything that she'd been pinning up inside. "I don't know what to do. I don't even thinks he likes! I don't know why I care." She closed her eyes then as so wish she was asleep.

She pulled away then. Straightened herself up. "God, what is the matter with me!"

"You need to get some rest."

"I haven't gotten anywhere to go. Just I need to stay and find out what will happen." She shut her eyes tight willing herself to stay awake.

"They could call you at home." Simon assured her. "I'll be here for awhile. I could wait it out and call you, if you wish."

"I dunno." She shook her head, no. Honestly, she was all the family he had. "I have to hold on. I have to know he'll put through." She stared at the white clinical ceiling again. She was so starting to hate this place. The stench of keeping all that was evil out was beginning to ware on her too. It was quite disgusting here.


Cate said...

You're right it was a bit difficult getting into the story especially as I don't know Hollyoaks and the characters, but I looked it up on Wikipedia. I found most of the characters there in the characters list, but I didn't find Laleh. Did you make her up or is she just missing in the list?

Psyconym said...

Thanks for comment - I'll look forward to following your stories. How is it in Nebraska??

Cate said...

Thanks for the explanation! SO now I'm looking forward to following this story even more because you've made the characters clear to me!

Hope everything's okay with you.

autumn said...

aw. yeah hold on. she'll be able to pull through, hopefully.