Wednesday, November 5, 2008

between the moments

Laleh felt better now that she and Lauren were hopefully at some calm level about this Maxie matter.

It just didn't feel right to be anywhere else but here. She really did miss her. And wished things were different. Of course, she dreamed of trips the two could take. Paris. Of course, Greece. She loved the beautiful sea there and so much to do. Ruffing it, perhaps. Laleh knew there was no one better who was as resourceful as Lauren when it came to ruffing it. She'd even gladly go to a hostel with her if so be.

Her head was full of ideas of just the two of them. It would be completely, electric. Laleh just couldn't stop smiling about it with Lauren in her arms. Lauren's skin so vibrant and next to her pale skin.

Really, it was all so relaxing at the moment. Laleh knew she could sleep well tonight. Not a thought of Ste out there.

But then her cell rang one of those silly little tunes of Jesse McCarthy's. It must be Billy. He never called.

"What?" This had better be important she thought. It was. It was about Ste. Something had happened. Something about being hit by a bus. What had he been doing? "All right, I'll be there. I'm coming to the hospital now."

Immediately, when she sat up she felt a sick headache hit her. She told Lauren she had to go.

"But I can come with you," Lauren insisted while Laleh dressed.

"No, you should sleep. One of us needs sleep because I have my doubts I'll be at school tomorrow. So take notes, will you?"

Lauren just nodded.

"It doesn't sound good, Ste got hit by a bus."

"That's awful."

"Well, maybe he deserved it." Laleh admitted and didn't even feel guilty for saying so. She pulled on her boots. But she took them right off. Undressed again. this time she got into Lauren's jeans and black T along with her black high tops. Really, it was no time to make a grand entrance. "I'll kill myself in those things. You keep them as long as you like." With that she gave Lauren a good-bye kiss and left.

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autumn said...

so, it was Ste. O_O

gotta go and read "simon and josh". lol.