Sunday, November 9, 2008

as it is

Lauren had got a late start to school. Evidently, Ian had too. She met him on the steps of the school. Initially, she'd planned to ignore him. She was definitely not going to say how cool his band was doing these days. It just wasn't in her to congratulate someone about something, especially that she wasn't a part of anymore.

As it was, she actually bumped into him. He just looked at her, backed off a bit. No smile. Nothing. Any other time, it wouldn't have broke her, but it did.

"Sorry," she just said.

"No you're not." He shrugged.

"What?" Was this all they had left? Bitter words.

"I see Maxie's back," He just said, but Lauren took it as a threat.


"You don't really expect that to be a problem, do you?" He looked at her then.

"No, why should I?" She could hardly stand to stare into his face now. He really wasn't bad looking at all, and who ever had said he wasn't. They were a liar. Some how she thought of Newt and the things she used to say about him when she was with Ian.

"Nothing." He moved on then.

"Did you hear about Ste?" Lauren finally shouted back.

"Ste? What about him?" Ian turned back to her then as the crowd grew with them into the halls.

"He's in the hospital. In a bus crash of some sort."

Ian just nodded.

"Laleh had to go to the hospital. She's there right now."

"What is it you want from me?" Ian was still cold.

"Nothing, I thought you should know." She pressed her lips together then finally let it slip, "You know I miss talking to you." He'd been her best friend.

"I missed you too." He mumbled, but then he walked away.


autumn said...

a cold treatment. that gives me a chill. i dunno why, but i hope they'll be friends again.

yep, about my post, i guess so, too, that's the way it has to be as long as friends treasure one another. =]

ellie said...

I hope they can be friends.

another ellie said...

bitter sweet.

Cate said...

I hope they can be friends again too. If they miss each other. They should stop playing it so cool...
And LOL thanks for liking my comment on Anthony luvs Johanna ^^

lonnie said...

I think it would be difficult to be friends after a break up, but it can be done.

gossip guy said...

all those ex's arounds..something it bound to happen.