Saturday, November 29, 2008

around about way

Laleh had managed Lauren to stay over the night. Still she didn't want to go anywhere. Not the school. Never the hospital, again.

She served Lauren tea in bed.

"We could stay here all day, don't you think?" She couldn't help but laugh about it even when she knew she should be sick with grief with Ste. She didn't want to think about it.

"Like you could sleep then entire day," Lauren just looked at her with a smile as if she might gush with laughter.

"I could, honestly, I feel I need a good sleep. Days even." Laleh pursed her lips.

"You and magical powers." Lauren laughed with glee.

Laleh put Lauren's tea away and began to kiss her. Her fingers came around her cheek and they both kissed madly. It would have been perfectly amazing if Maxie hadn't had to tap on Laleh's door to put it just a bit a jar so he could look in.

"What do you want," Laleh was immediately soured when she saw the sight of him.

"Simon's here." He just said.

"So, send him away." Laleh shrugged as she had her arm cuddling around Lauren.

"Can't. He's been, well, not quite yet, but in row with Josh."

"What? It either has or hasn't happened," Laleh snarled. "What is your point?"

"He needs a place to crash." Maxie looked at her point blank.

"What is this, your personal hotel?" She fumed. "Are you into boys now, is that it."

"No," Maxie winced. "Just trying to help a mate."

"A mate? Honestly, you really take the cakes and eat up the leftovers any chance you get, now don't you?"

"Please, don't make this me taking you to the cleaners. Its just til they get this settled." Maxie shrugged.

"Whatever, " Laleh huffed. "Just go away, will you." Laleh kept staring at Lauren as if she was the only person who matter.

Maxie just sighed, and pulled away.

"Shut the fuck'n door!" Lauren then snapped. Finally, it shut too and he was gone. They both smiled.

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