Thursday, October 30, 2008

where everyone goes

Maxie found the Black Cat with the usual suspects. He presumed. Nothing new here, he thought. Except, wouldn't Kelsy be here, he imagine as he strutted through the old timers at the darts and the younger ones at the fruit machines as he went to the bar to order.

It was all beginning to aggravate him, especially when old Charlotte served him the lager. "What's got so posh into you?" She gave him a wince and walked away.

Maxie just closed his eyes as if he might disappear for a while. He hadn't a drop of cash on him, just what little Laleh had given him. He really needed to get a cash flow going. And quick. His stint down in Brighton had taken a toll on his finances. He most definitely needed to stay away from the games which meant, stop gambling.

"What is the word?" He nudge Charlotte for answers. She was old enough to be his great grandmother yet cheap looking in her whorish attire and probably still knew a few good tricks that could make her customers happy after hours. It was the likes of her that was the backbone of the village.

"What? What word are you talking about?" She put her hands on her hips, tossed her curly red hair back and with that gave him no time of anything.

"Look, couldn't you use an extra hand, perhaps?" These were desperate times.

"Honestly, I don't give out handouts. Its my sister who prides herself in as many strays she can help." She shrugged.

"Well, then, you could put in a good word for me, if you would?"

She shrugged again.

"One more thing, you know this Ste fellow who's, well, around, I guess. You know, the father to Amy's baby."

"That one, a real nasty, no, well, yeah, he did have a curse or a fit of some kind. He found the priest out like a light on the floor other night at the Dog. You'd thought he'd lost the plot." Charlotte told him.

"Who did it?"

"One of the McQueens."

"There are so many of them?" Maxie looked at her puzzled sipping his beer.

"Its the gay one."

"The gay one?" This was news to him. He thought all the McQueen girls were definitely straight and always ready for a party. Even the shy one with all the smarts.

"John Paul."

"Well, he's got the face of an angel, how so?" Maxie kept his eye on Charlotte.

"Seems they were old lovers, I gather."

"And this Ste is involved with this-"

"Had to be, he made over him like sick puppy," Charlotte nodded.

"I see, so now this Ste has a score to settle with John Paul?" Maxie had really had more than enough of Charlotte's cheap red lipstick to stare at. Why wasn't there a bird to pull? As Maxie looked around, he was beginning to think perhaps he was in a gay establishment. Suddenly, it got to him. He might have to throw up. He started to gag as he went to push at the Men's restroom door. Just to find it locked.

He hurried outside into the dark to throw up. There were just too many changes in Hollyoaks for him.


Cait said... investigator you..hahahaaaaa.

gossip guy said...

Maxie, I want to read more about him.

Justkyut said...

then better get out of hollyoaks and find a job than sleezing around huh Maxie

Hey Ivy! thanks for the update here. thanks for leaving a message at my cbox. Thanks!

autumn said...

HAHA. he's a NOSEY one. he's doing it for money? but why there are some people who'd like to JUST NOSEY around. pfffft. lol.

autumn said...

be nosey* lol @ me.