Friday, October 24, 2008

misery doesn't need that much company

It was so back to school now and Lauren hated the thought that she'd be at home in her own bed without Laleh. It just felt wrong now.

Of course, her father wanted them to cook dinner together. To Lauren everything might as well be in the crapper.

Naturally, she was on her cell right away with Laleh.

"I don't want to spend time with him," Lauren said in the first breath. "I miss you already."

"Shh, will you."

"Where are you?" Leave it Laleh to be out and about. That was the norm. Did the girl know what homecooked meal was.

"No where inparticular," she told her. "I'm looking for Ste."

"That wanka of a brother of yours, why!" Lauren told her before not to go out on her own. "What is your plan? You think you could make him confess the whole Amy situation? Is that it?"

"He might listen to me, you never know."

"You know he won't."

"Don't be a pisser, luv." Laleh shot back. "I have to find him. Besides, I have Maxie with me, and he knows a few places I don't in the village where Ste might be."

"Maxie!" Now Lauren was really steamed. "How could you, you said you'd never speak to him again. What is going on?"

"Just a truce, as it is he's got no place to go. It really didn't work out in Brighton like he imagined. He's back."

"He's back?" Really, Lauren never knew her ex left. He was honestly old news. Or so she thought. "Please pop in, will you? Don't leave me with Dad for a whole night."

"I've deprived you, my sweet," Laleh then said. "You should really spend some quality time with him before you forget what it is. I'm only doing you a favor. Nothing is going to happen with Maxie. Honestly, don't be a baby about it."


"Well, of course," Laleh then said.

"That was not a promise." Lauren explained.

"All right, I promise, I'm as good as gold around your neck. Now does that settle it?"

"Come around later, please?"

"It'll be elevenish." She perked Lauren up then.

"I'll be waiting." Meanwhile, Lauren had to watch the races with her Dad and possibly some ale with his wicked pizza that was just to spicy for her taste.


justkyut said...

Great! I'll start to read this one. I'll be the first one =)

Thanks Ivy! Have a great weekend

autumn said...

thanks for telling me about this new story.

autumn said...

yeah, i understand. =]

btw, please be careful with the people you meet here on blogspot. anyway, it's just a piece of advice. you can take it or leave it. lol.

jules said...

wow. :) ivy u are such a writer. :)