Monday, October 27, 2008


Lauren was so glad when her Dad fell asleep in front of the TV. She got him down to his room, next to the kitchen.

"It was great fun, Dad." She told him which was so not true. She'd thought of Laleh the entire time. And she was still fuming over this whole Maxie thing. How could she let him stay at her place? This sounded like a formula for bad luck to Lauren.

Finally, her father was settled so she cleaned up and watched the clock. Laleh was fifteen minutes late, but she arrived just with a tap on the door. Naturally, she looked lovely in her soleto boots and crimson Japaneze wrap dress.

"Why are you so dressed up? How can you catch a criminal in an outfit like that?" Lauren protested.

"I hadn't a thing to wear, actually." Laleh picked up a piece of cold pizza still on the coffee table and ate it with delight.

"Of course not," Lauren kept her arms crossed and watched her eat.

Laleh just smiled and touched Lauren's nose with her index finger then as if she was coming in for a kiss.

"No, not here," Lauren pulled away.

"All right." Laleh put the rest of the pizza in the trash and followed Lauren up to her little room facing the street.

"We really should have more sleepover here, hadn't we?" Laleh giggled then looking at the flower power bedroom. It was just a bit immature, but still sweet.

"We can't."

"Why not? He understands I'm your best friend." Laleh smiled putting her arm around Lauren.

There was a bit of hesitation in Lauren as she went to lock her door.

"You're not nervous, are you?" Laleh took her hand then and pulled her up on the bed with her. "I'll be so quiet." Laleh whispered in her ear than kissed her neck. Lauren just smiled as she turned off one of her lamps to dim the room.

Then Lauren really ate at Laleh's lips as if she was finally here for good.

"I'll need help with these boots," Laleh finally said dreamily to Lauren.

"Can I have them?" Lauren asked.

"I could only let you barrow them, you'll have to keep them at my place." Laleh smirked. She didn't want her father to get too suspicious. She hated the idea that anyone would think she was trying to buy Lauren's love.

Lauren sighed and unzipped the right boot. She tugged at it then and it dropped to the floor loudly. They both laughed but soon hushed. This time Lauren was more careful to let the other boot slip more quietly.

Laleh slipped out of her dress right away. She wore nothing underneath.

They Frenched then, but Lauren turned back as she sat between Laleh's legs. She still hated the thought that Laleh would let her ex move in.

"Why would you do it?" Lauren pouted.

"Because I'm not a complete cow, now am I?" Laleh rested her chin on Lauren's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her.

"I just don't see it. Its just not natural, you know." Lauren started but then she felt Laleh's lips on her neck, her ear, she gave way a smile.

"He's more of a brother to me, anyhow and as you can see I can't even get along with my real one so you know it won't ever be rosey. We fight like cats and dogs," Laleh told her.

"But still, I want to be there, not here, you know." Lauren went back to sad stare.

"Please, lets not dwell on it, must we," Laleh's hands went under Lauren's top. "I'm here now, aren't I."

With that they kissed. Laleh soon made Lauren forget why she was even upset with her.


Cait said...

Oh boy...well, there wasn't one.

justkyut said...

Great! Glad you continued it Ivy. You were busy? I'll wait for your next post

Justkyut said...

my week is doing fine so far. I have to prepare myself for a family reunion this friday. I hope you can write more. Thanks for dropping by Ivy =)

autumn said...

oh, i thought i've already left a comment here. i already read this but was not able to comment because blogger was such a pain in the a*s. argh. lol.