Saturday, October 25, 2008

as if

"I don't know why I let you talk me into this," Laleh was in a huff. At least she was driving her little black sports car. No way did she trust Maxie with it.

"What are you going on about? You know very well, it was your idea," Maxie glared at her.

"I've upset Lauren." Laleh kept her eyes on the road.

"So what, stop being such a child with her, its really annoying." He frowned.

"Shut it."

"If this is a fine how do you do? Get back to Hollyoaks and I've got this to put up with," Maxie snarled a bit more and looked out his side of the window as if this whole game of finding Ste was useless.

"You came to me, remember?" She looked over at him, think he was still all smug and still Mr. Know it all. "You are an arse, that is something that will never change."

"Well, the bitch is back, now isn't she, hmph?" He grabbed something to steady the corner she took then. She just wanted to drive faster.

It was quiet then as she jolted back on the road.

"What is it, Ste has done, exactly?" Maxie looked over to Laleh once more who gave him no attention.

"He's a criminal, Maxie. Where have you been?"

"Dunno, I've been away, now haven't I?" He kept his eyes open wide as if she might floor board the vehicle any second.

"You remember Amy, don't you?"

"Not really, maybe, I don't think I ever slept with her," he shrugged. "But we used to have some parties back then and well, it was all so casual, remember?" He smiled as if he remembered something very well.

"Don't remind me, Maxie," Laleh winced.

"So what of Amy?"

"He put her in a coma, she's most likely a vegetable and might as well give birth to broccoli, or so it seems." Laleh told him.

"Wait, a pregnant bird in a coma?"

"Precisely, his doing," Laleh said. "He's lost a marble, perhaps, and then some. And it might as well be my fault." Laleh slowed down the car then.

"Why would it be your fault?"

" Because I-" She didn't want to talk about the spell she so tried her best to put on him. She'd sound like a wicked witch which was really not the case. "I thought he could change, I guess I was wrong."

"What are we doing here?" They were in front of the Black Cat pub.

"Have a drink, see if there is any talk. I have to see Lauren." She tossed him a key then. "You have enough quid, don't you? Take care of yourself and get yourself home, I guess."

"Well, where else would I go?" He held on to the key.

"Dunno, maybe you'll get lucky." Laleh batted her lashes. "Now get out and be that wanker you always are." With that, he opened the door and soon enough she jetted away in her shiny car.


gossip guy said...

Fun their bickering.

Cait said...

Oh pretty in pink. I like Maxie.

justkyut said...

maxie? hmmm...

Hey Ivy thanks for making this one

autumn said...

i like Maxie, too. woot. this is going to be interesting. ^^

autumn said...

nope. i haven't entered my poems yet to any contest. hehe. i dunno. i just want 'em to stay on my blog. hehe.

thanks. thanks. =]